Welcome to the UpstateATV.com

Our Goal is to develop and maintain a trail system connecting the townships of Norway, Salisbury, Russia, Newport, Ohio, Danube, Manheim, etc. for safe and legal riding of three and four wheeler vehicles. This includes obtaining permission from landowners and towns to use designated trails and roadways to link a trail system within the area.


Our Purpose:

  • To stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of ATV recreation.
  • To promote the safe and responsible use of ATV’s.
  • To serve the interest of ATV enthusiasts.
  • To foster a positive public image for ATV recreation
  • To defend enthusiasts against discriminating legislation and regulations.
  • To stimulate and develop a fraternal spirit among ATV enthusiasts.
  • To perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the Club.

“”ATVing, a great family recreational sport!””